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Covid-Safe Operations

Congratulations! Everyone are now over the lockdown bored period. We are now open as usual as of 13/6. We are open as usual.

Many Asian Ladies have gone back to their country during the lockdown. Luckily I managed to hire some new fresh 100% Japanese here at Sydney Body Massage.

Operating Hours will be 10am-10pm for Sunday-Wednesday. Thur, Fri Sat will be 10am - 2am. Please call 02 7901 1995 to make a booking.

Convid-Safe is practised here: In particular 1.5m social distancing, 2 sq meters per person, Early report if you feel sick.

Wide Range of Massage Services

At Sydney Body Massage, we can offer a wide range of Massage Services, ranging from just a Relaxation Massages, to different kinds of Adult massages. We can also often massages with different techniques such as Thai Massage, Japanese Shiatsu Massage, Chinese Massage etc. Just tell the receptionist and we’ll tailor for you.

New Masseuses

Sydney Ladies often has new lady(ies) almost everyweek, and many many of them are new2industry. We are confident to tell you: If you are looking for new girls, Sydney Ladies is the place doesn’t disappoint you.

Please check this website. Look for the 'New' tag above the lady name. Or call the shop for further details.

Some of these new ladies may not necessarily do full services. So please respect their decisions and treat them nicely. Shop management will not torelate rough customers at all.

New Photos & Videos

Most Sydney Ladies have their video clips uploaded 100% real person. Goto Roster or Ladies pages and check them out.

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